Digital Finance World 2017

Where the Finance World Talks Innovation

Digital Finance World (DFW) on March 01-02, 2017 in Frankfurt, the only city with 2 Central Banks. Interact with a targeted and engaged audience, enjoy an unparalleled content depth, get guidance for critical decisions on the digital transformation of your enterprise.

2 days packed with hottest information about blockchains, bitcoins, Big Data and the Internet of Value – plus pre-conf workshops. Listen to internationally renowned digital transformation thought leaders, finance industry professionals, FinTech 2.0 founders, analysts and blockchain experts. The parallel trade show assembles specialized exhibitors such as fintechs, technology developers and financial institutes from all over the world. See how you can prepare for future challenges following the customer’s connected path and network with other players in the market.

Key Topics

  • Blocks Unchained: Delivering Better Services to the Connected Consumer Through Innovation

  • Beyond the Hype: Evaluating the Disruptive Power of Blockchain and Distributed, Decentralized Ledgers for Finance and Insurance Industries

  • Implementing a Digital Strategy that Lasts: Collaboratively Creating the Globally Interoperable Internet of Value (IoV)

  • FinTech 2.0 - Who Are the Ones that Came to Stay? Find the Innovation Partners Which Best Suit to You

  • Getting Smarter with Big Data: Unleashing the Value of Customer Data Without Compromising Privacy

  • Satisfying new Customer Requirements in Real Time and Anywhere with Services and Apps,

  • New (Collaborative) Business Models: Risk-based Insurance Pricing and New Measurement Methods for Asset Financing

  • Behind the Lights: How Blockchain Technology Will Influence Financial Risk Assessments and Legislation

  • Evaluating Cyber Risks: Moving from Perimeter-centric to Risk-based Approaches in Financial Services

  • Moving Beyond: Creating Frictionless Processes and Products Throughout the whole Supply Chain

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Top Reasons to Attend

Blockchain, Cybercrime, Identity Management for Finance and Insurance –Digital Finance World (DFW) deals with these three late-breaking topics, not more, not less. Instead of beating around the bush and getting an overload of information, you’ll hear what’s really needed to stay competitively viable and secure in the coming years of disruptive digital transformation.

The rate of cybercrime is growing in every industry; today no one is safe from digital evil. The finance industry however is one of the biggest attack targets, not least because of its business model: money. The main reasons are either robbery or political motivation. In any case, there are cyber risks of all kinds involved.

Hear from experienced security professionals in all-sizes of finance and insurance companies from around the world present best practices to avoid becoming a victim or, at least, how to mitigate the outcome of attacks. In the end, this will help you to save effort and money as well as keep your reputation as a strong and reliable partner for customers and collaborators.

Onboarding numerous new clients demands a lot of administrative and financial effort for both banks and insurance companies. KYC processes are, on the one hand, a must due to ever new risks involved with customer identities, while on the other hand companies also profit from knowing their customers and their individual risk profiles. How can blockchain technology help to ease the necessary steps and what does that mean for security and privacy? These are some of the things that will be discussed here in great detail.

Is the blockchain right for you? What’s the best way to start with distributed ledger technology? Discuss these burning questions with internationally recognized industry practitioners, thought-leaders and analysts! Dive deep into the concept of distributed ledgers and be among the first who profitably move beyond conventional centralized services without losing sight of security demands. Strengthen your competence in the Digital Transformation of Finance and Insurance!

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Digital Finance World 2017

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  • Mar 01 - 02, 2017 Frankfurt, Germany
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Key Topics

  • Beyond the Hype: Evaluating the Disruptive Power of Blockchain

  • Implementing a Digital Strategy that Lasts: Creating the Internet of Value (IoV)

  • FinTech 2.0 - Who Are the Ones that Came to Stay?

  • Smarter with Big Data: The Value of Customer Data Without Compromising Privacy

  • Moving Beyond: Creating Frictionless Processes and Products Throughout the Whole Supply Chain

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